Apple Pay

Bank of Gibson City is proud to now offer both Apple Pay and Google Pay as digital payment methods!  These apps allow you to pay with the click of a button on your phone!  To use just  download Apple Pay or Google Pay from your app library and enter in your debit or credit card information.  For further assistance feel free to contact us at 217-784-4233.

Beware of Scams!

Bank of Gibson City has noticed that more and more of our customers have reported debit card fraud over the coming months. Please remember to always keep your financial information secure and to never disclose account information to anyone. If you suspect your account has been the victim of fraud please contact us right away!

Internet Banking Alerts

Beginning on Monday December 6th Bank of Gibson City will begin offering real time alerts from our internet banking platform!  This integration will allow you to receive balance threshold alerts, deposit notification alerts, debit card transaction notices, and virtually any other type of alert you wish to receive on your account! Contact us at Bank of Gibson City for more details!