Bank History

Over 30 years ago, a core group of investors organized 233 shareholders to raise 1.2 million in total capital. Through hard work and determination the Bank of Gibson City charter was issued on February 21, 1979, and officially opened it’s doors for business on April 1, 1979.

On January 10, 2008, 100% of the outstanding stock of BGC Bancorp Inc Holding Company for Bank of Gibson City was purchased by Longview Capital Corporation, an area bank holding company headquartered in Newman, IL. Longview Capital Corporation has a successful history of serving and building rural Illinois communities. Bank of Gibson City becomes the fifth independent bank owned by the Longview Capital Corporation. It joins Longview Bank (formerly Longview State Bank & First National Bank in Ogden) as well as Longview Bank & Trust (formerly  State Bank of Chrisman and First National Bank in Georgetown).

As part of the Longview Capital Corporation, Bank of Gibson City is committed to following the mission statement of offering financial services that will attract farmers and agri-business customers as well as local area consumers and depositors.