Meet Our Staff

Board of Directors:

  • David A. Albin, Vice President, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • John S. Albin, Vice President, Vice-Chairman
  • Marjorie A. Albin, Vice President & Director Emeritus
  • Perry S. Albin, Vice President & Vice Chairman
  • Tracy J. Epps, President, CEO & Director
  • Janna Friday, Vice President , Cashier, & Board Secretary
  • Julia A. Albin, Director
  • William A. Coolley, Director
  • James K. Hood, Director



  • Michelle A. Engel, Assistant Teller Supervisor
  • Clair J. Brown, Drive Up Teller
  • Gail L. Brownlee, Bookkeeping
  • Vie Anglin-Jones, Teller
  • Vickie R. Lorenzen, Bookkeeping
  • Amy S. Meiners, Teller
  • Julia A. Wissmiller, Teller